Handyman and handywoman courses

It is my dream to deliver classes all over the country in order to enable both men and women to become more independent in all aspects of home maintenance. The classes will allow you to feel confident in your abilities to fix things around the house by yourselves (!) and, at the same time, will save you a lot of money over the years to come.


By the way, anyone who thinks it's only men who can fix things around the house is mistaken. My aim is to give both men and women alike the opportunity to take control of their home.


It's amazing to see how much of an effect my courses have had on past students. My initial objective was to help regular people save money by learning to fix things by themselves. Yet I've come to learn that by taking this course, my students have actually learned to succeed in other areas too – because they realize that anything is possible, and this self-assurance translates into success in other aspects of their lives too.  

What will you learn?

My course consists of six classes, each three hours long. Each class includes both theory and practical applications and exercises.

Familiarity with manual and electrical tools

Water and plumbing

Anchoring – drilling, screws, etc



Aluminum – blinds (trisim) and screens

Where do the courses take place and who is it for?

Right now there are courses taking place in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin and Rechovot. If there is a demand in a particular city, I would be happy to organize and set up a new course. 


I have women-only courses as well as mixed courses for both men and women. The courses are suitable for anyone, at any age (post high-school). 


The courses take place in Hebrew. Due to the fact that my English is fluent, English speakers in the class have never had a problem. If there is a demand for an all English speaking class, I would be very happy to set one up.